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«Рынок Электротехники», журнал-справочник


Рынок ЭлектротехникиThe publication is a unique combination of specialized magazine spotlighting issues of the electrical engineering market and industry directory, which includes information about companies operating in this market.

Currently, the Rynok Electrotekhniki (Electrical Engineering Market) is the only industry publication of such a format. The magazine highlights not only new inventions, technical solutions, and market reviews, but also one can find new buyers, suppliers, distribution partners or identify competitors.



Size: A4. Extent: 200 pages. Color: full color
Publication frequency: quarterly
Circulation: 28 000 copies:  15 000 printed version (Approved by Science and Engineering Board) and 13 000 electronic version.


The magazine consists of two main sections: information and reference.

The information section contains news and articles on the following subjects:

• news of the market;
• new items and trends;
• development, creation and implementation of new engineering items and new technologies;
• market surveys, reviews of technology and products;
• information about manufacturers and suppliers, interviews with CEOs of manufacturing companies and distributors;
• collections of works performed by departments of leading universities and research groups of leading factories and institutions;
• seminars, exhibitions, and conferences;
• regulations, standards, certification, procedures;
• exchange of best practices on implementation and use of products and equipment in enterprises;
• managerial aspects;
• use of electrical engineering in different industries: energy, construction, metallurgy, telecommunications, transport, etc.;
• circuit solutions.

Each issue comprises regular columns devoted to major electrical engineering sub-sectors, such as: illumination - "Technology of Light", automation - "Automation", low voltage equipment - "Up to 1,000 Volts", cables - "Wires and Cables", transformers - "Transformers" and electric motors - "Electric Motors and Drives," etc.

The key block of the magazine ("Cover story") is dedicated to a specific electrical engineering sub-sector with profound study of the matter in question and comments from leading experts.

At the end of the information section there is a section called International pages, which contains previews in English. Advertising in this section is important for companies selling their products in the international market.


Reference section (about 50% of the volume) contains information on more than 600 companies operating at the electrical engineering market in Russia and CIS countries, and includes Categories, Directory and Index.

Categories — search system on commodity groups of electrical engineering equipment and services. It can help find companies offering certain products or services. Advertising modules placed in the Categories are most efficient.

Directory — main section of the reference section. Contains graphic/text business cards and fractional advertisements by featured companies. Each card represents a set of contact details of the company in combination with text information about the company and its products. The size of the card can be increased by adding additional text information or a full-color logo. Placing a business card is a great budget option for advertising your company, its products and services.

Index — list of all advertisers who have placed information in both information and reference sections of the magazine.


The best format of publication is a combination of the magazine and directory as well as its quarterly release enables your ads to work for a long period. While a magazine is usually read no longer than one month, our magazine with references is kept on the table for three months as long as its owner uses the reference section. All the while, the articles and the fractional advertisements are working in all sections of the magazine.


Issue                   Release date

№ 1/2019                 18.03.2019

№ 2/2019                 15.06.2019

№ 3/2019                 09.09.2019

№ 4/2019                 03.12.2019


The elaborate distribution database, which includes your customers in the first place,
as well as companies of the electrical engineering industry will make your advertising posts strike home.

The readership of the Rynok Electrotekhniki magazine consists of professionals
operating at the electrical engineering market, including:

  • 26% – power engineers, process engineers, leading experts, engineers, and managers of industrial enterprises;
  • 25% – procurement production managers;
  • 17% – designers for engineering, installation and construction companies;
  • 14% – architects and interior designers;
  • 18% – managers and employees of manufacturing companies and distributors, wholesalers in the electrical engineering market



Free-of-charge distribution in more than 130 specialized exhibitions per year, including:

1/2016 – Cabex (Moscow), Power Engineering. Energy Saving. Electrical Engineering (Volgograd), Oil. Gas. Chemistry (Krasnoyarsk), New Electronics (Moscow), Power and Electrical Engineering (St. Petersburg), Energy. Heating. Ventilation (Yekaterinburg);

№2/2016 – Electro (Moscow), Atomexpo (Moscow), Oil and Gas. Fuel and Energy Complex (Tyumen), ELCOM Russia (Novosibirsk), Industrial lighting fixtures (St. Petersburg);

№3/2016 – INTERLIGHT Moscow (Moscow), Power Engineering. Energy Saving. Electrical Engineering (Perm), PCVEXPO (Moscow), Power of the Urals (Ufa), Infrastructure Development in Siberia\IDES (Novosibirsk);

№4/2016 – Power Grid of Russia (Moscow), Power Engineering (Samara), Power Engineering. Resource Saving (Kazan), Power Electronics and Power Engineering (Moscow), Electro (Rostov-on-Don)


Free-of-charge mailing throughout Russia and the CIS under the thoroughly elaborated database:

Subscription through editorial staff

Subscription through catalogs of Rospechat and The Russian Press



Free-of-charge newsletter of the Rynok Electrotekhniki magazine includes:

25% – enterprises of Electrical Engineering industry
20% – power industry companies (IDCs, companies engaged in construction of power facilities, etc.)
10% – construction and installation companies
6% – design and architectural organizations
7% – Utilities
8% – oil and gas industry
7% – iron and steel companies
3% – mining industry
2% – chemical industry
3% – timber manufacturing industry
3% – defense enterprises
3% – automobile and shipbuilding companies
2% – telecommunications industry
1% – government agencies